1. The soundtrack for new @zachbraff film #WishIWasHere feat. my jam Raven’s Song is avail on iTunes today! https://t.co/cvn5cGJDqI #tinyprayers4blockbusters


  2. Want to share with you a glimpse of our work in the studio so far.

    We are still in process of tracking, overdubbing, and picking final versions of songs for the album but we’re far enough along to let you hear some music. Here are three songs, Wannabe King, Holy Mercy, and The Wheel, in one continuous streaming file.

    These recordings feature the artistry of Orpheo McCord, Adam Celik, Taylor Fulton, and Erich Lenk.

    Enjoy your time listening and we hope to see our Los Angeles friends at The Echo this Wednesday night!


    Aaron Embry


  3. Playlist: Zach Braff’s iPod


    Playlist: Zach Braff’s iPod


    This new playlist combines many of the songs from the Garden State and Scrubs soundtracks in addition to some other songs that I think match Braff’s great range of taste in music. There are also some songs on here from his new movie Wish I Was Here released in limited release July 18th.


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  4. jebbe:

    Tiny Prayers - jazzed up


  5. It sounds like someone got hurt during recording WannabeKing it was intentional but not to worry because internet and everybody is ok just ripped it from this awesome video i hope she is feeling better now http://youtu.be/BFqHyCoypfM

  6. pitchfork.com/news/55612-zach-braff-details-wish-i-was-here-soundtrack-with-bon-iver-the-shins-cat-power-with-coldplay/#WIWH #ravenssong #howfreedownloadsalespeoplegetpaidthesedays

  7. Jason Wade gifted me an instrument built by Kurt Schoen! I’ll be tweaking the string gauges a little bit and setting it up like a box mandocello. SOO psyched on this sound!

  8. Thanks for the Schoen @jasonwademusic !!! It’s amazaaang !!!

  9. Summer Saturdays starting this Solstice, it’s NEW MUSIC for AlbumKickstarter backers and throwing WANNABE KING on the mound 7/1/14 #GoWannabeGo


  10. I love this version of So I Turn by Bennett Ferguson !
  11. I’m going on my very first